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About Us

The Math Development Center - 612.442.2448 - welcomes all students from Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding metro to join our team of learners who want to excel in mathematics. We are here for everyone who wants assistance in comprehending new content knowledge, who shines in math, would love to get ahead, or those preparing for the ACT Math test. We offer customized instruction that fosters success. Our unique teaching approach makes it possible for every student to thrive in math.

What makes the Math Development Center unique:

  1. The Math Development Center created a uniquely designed ImmersiveMath! approach that is tailored to each student's personal needs. Our teachers are able to precisely pinpoint improvement areas and work effectively toward filling knowledge gaps.
  2. Your child is only taught by a licensed math teacher who has attained a master’s degree in mathematics. The Math Development Center takes pride in providing only highly qualified Minnesota teachers.
  3. The Math Development Center strives to provide a safe environment, where your child will feel comfortable asking questions on difficult material.
  4. Lessons are adaptable - moving at your child's pace.
  5. The Math Development Center works closely with parents to make sure that the student receives the best support that he or she needs.

 Dial 612.442.2448 to reach the Math Development Center

Meet the Founder & Lead Math Coach - Anna Dwyer

Anna has attained a master’s degree in mathematics in 2011 from one of the most competitive universities in Poland. Anna completed continuing education at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. During her higher education experience, she took part in coursework that prepared her to teach mathematics to secondary school students. Currently, she holds a 5th through 12th grade mathematics teaching license in the state of Minnesota.

As a teacher and mentor, she continues to put significant effort into making it possible for students to have a safe and trusting environment, be able to grow in knowledge, and feel respected and worthy. She strives to be the best possible teaching professional for students, and continues to keep her teaching skills up-to-date. All in all, she has a passion for helping students learn and grow and has developed a vast array of experience in the teaching field, which ensures that she will continue to flourish as a teacher.

 Dial 612.442.2448 to reach the Math Development Center

Our ImmersiveMath! Approach

  1. In-depth Assessment and Consultation: During a comprehensive academic assessment, we evaluate each student's strengths and areas for improvements, as well as academic goals. Through the consultation, it is our goal to thoroughly understand the wants and needs of the parents and student – including his or her academic history, hobby, interests, and extra-curricular activities.
  2. Personalized Learning Plan: We use the assessment results to tailor math instruction to the unique academic goals and learning needs of the student.
  3. Strategy & Practice: We equip our students with useful strategies that will help them tackle real-life math problems. Also, regular practice is a key to rapid achievements in a short period of time. Therefore, we use daily practice activities to reinforce the day's education.
  4. Communication with parents, legal guardians, and/or other teachers: We invite and welcome parental involvement. We value open communication and coordinate student math development with secondary parties, including: parents, teachers, and other stakeholders. Parents are regularly informed about the student's progress and alerted if parental support is needed.

 Dial 612.442.2448 to reach the Math Development Center

ACT Math Programs

  1. ACT Essential Math Skills Program:
    • 10hrs of live instruction (5 sessions, 2-hours per session)
    • 6 ACT Math Prep tests (includes 2 proctored practice tests)
    • Materials included (ACT Math Prep book, prep tests, handouts, ACT Prep binder)
    • Fundamental content review
    • Test taking strategies and skills

  2. ACT Advanced Math Immersion Program:
    • 10hrs✱ of live instruction (5 sessions)
    • 6 ACT Math Prep tests (includes 2 proctored practice tests)
    • Materials included (ACT Math Prep book, prep tests, handouts, ACT Prep binder)
    • Advanced math concept and content review
      • focus on advanced questions on the following ACT topics: Numbers and Operation, Algebra, Functions, Geometry, Statistics and Probability.
      • tailored for students aiming for a perfect ACT Math score.
    • Test taking strategies and skills

    ✱ 10hrs (for students enrolled exclusively in the ACT Advanced Math Immersion Program), OR, 18hrs (for students enrolled in both programs).

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