ACT Tutoring in North St Paul MN

ACT Tutoring in North St Paul Minnesota

The Math Development Center of Minnesota - 612.442.2448 - is the state’s premiere ACT math prep center. Anna Dwyer is the founder, a licensed Minnesota public school math teacher, and completed her graduate degree in teaching mathematics. Anna developed customized ACT Prep Programs in North St Paul to maximize test scores on the math portion of the ACT exam.

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ACT Prep Programs

  1. ACT Essential Math Skills Program:
    • 10hrs of live instruction (5 sessions, 2-hours per session)
    • 6 ACT math prep tests (includes 2 proctored practice tests)
    • Materials included (ACT math prep book, Prep Tests, handouts, ACT Prep Binder)
    • Fundamental content review
    • Test taking strategies and skills

  2. ACT Advanced Math Immersion Program:
    • 10 hrs of live instruction (5 sessions)
    • 6 ACT math prep tests (includes 2 proctored practice tests)
    • Materials included (ACT math prep book, Prep Tests, handouts, ACT Prep Binder)
    • Advanced math concept and content review
      • focus on advanced questions on the following ACT topics: Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Functions, Geometry, Statistics and Probability.
      • tailored for North St Paul MN students aiming for a perfect ACT math score.
    • Test taking strategies and skills

What is the ACT Test

The ACT Test is a standardized exam that assesses how well North St Paul students are prepared for college-level courses. The ACT is the college-prep test taken by the majority of high school students preparing to enter college because it is required by state schools in Minnesota and is accepted by almost all colleges across the US. The ACT contains four multiple-choice tests in the following areas: mathematics, English, reading and science. Additionally, the ACT contains an optional writing test. The ACT is offered seven times a year in Minnesota.

The math test is a 60-minute, 60-question exam that distributes questions amongst the following topics: Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Functions, Geometry, Statistics and Probability. The difficulty of questions increases as the question numbers get higher. For the current ACT calculator policy, click here. The math test is the second of four subject tests. Of the 2,030,038 students who took the test in 2018, the average math score was 20.5.

The scores are based on the number of correct answers. Each college and university sets its own ACT score requirements for admission into that school. Check with the schools that you are interested in applying to in order to determine the ACT score you need to achieve. You can retake the ACT and can decide which ACT scores are sent to prospective schools.

 Dial 612.442.2448 to enroll in ACT tutoring

How to find a high quality ACT tutor in North St Paul MN?

1. Be informed - There is no licensure available for ACT tutors in Minnesota. Unfortunately, large tutoring companies prefer to use low-paid, part-time tutors that do not hold degrees or advanced education. This of course keeps costs down, put can lead to ineffective ACT classroom instruction.

Therefore, it is important to seek out tutors with other credentials. Seek out a tutor with advanced education in math and advanced education in teaching methods. A bonus would be to have your student tutored by a licensed public-school math teacher, to ensure the instructor has been properly vetted.

2. Experience matters - Seek out an ACT tutor in South North St Paul Minnesota that has experience working with students at the high school level. Furthermore, ensure your ACT is well versed in the ACT math subject test. The ACT exams focuses a higher percentage of questions on certain areas of math, and through experience, your instructor should have tailored their ACT program accordingly.

3. Define goals - You should have goals defined in advance, prior to meeting with a ACT tutor. Ask yourself, what would I like for my child to accomplish via ACT tutoring? Does my child need specialized attention in a certain area of math? Make sure to relay these goals to the instructor. High quality instructors will conduct ACT competency tests early on to pinpoint deficiencies.

4. Personality matters - It is a good idea to meet the instructor beforehand to ensure that you, your child, and the ACT instructor connect are on the same page.

5. Seek references - High quality, experienced tutors will be able to provide references on request from previous employers, students, and parents. Competent tutors will be glad to provide the contact information for their references and take pride in their previous North St Paul Minnesota tutoring experience.

For more information on locating an ACT or math tutor, check out this WikiHow Guide.

Tutoring Locations

 Dial 612.442.2448 to enroll in ACT tutoring